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Beyond Scroll is an EPFL spin-off based at the EPFL Innovation Park – Lausanne, Switzerland. As a deep-tech startup we have a clear purpose, slowing down climate change by fostering the use of green hydrogen. With this goal, we are bringing to the market a novel oil-free compressor based on scroll technology, which enables low-pressure compression of lightweight gases, such as hydrogen

Beyond Scroll’s compressors can serve several applications: hydrogen refueling stations, compressed hydrogen energy storage systems and any green H2 production installation. In addition, we can also offer solutions for off-grid energy production/storage systems, carbon sequestration, e-mobility, and aerospace. This with the goal to accelerate our economy decarbonization and the transition to a climate-neutral future.

the Challenge

Green H2 emerged as a major success factor for the global energy transition. It is produced by using renewable electricity (e.g., solar or wind) to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through a process called electrolysis.

This is the most sustainable technology to produce clean H2, however it requires an enormous amount of energy. This translates into non-competitive green H2 production costs and hinders the growth of the infrastructure required for the widespread use of this gas.

One of the main limitations of the compression technology state-of-the-art is the lack of an oil-free compression machine capable to operate t at low pressure and displace large gas volumes at high speed. This is the gap we close.

ThE Solution

We solve this problem with our innovative scroll compressor which allows 100% oil-free operations with unrivalled performance, specially at low pressure.

Our product enables H2 compression from atmospheric pressure thanks to our proprietary design. Depending on the compressor configuration, it can be set to work at different sizes/capacities and match the right H2 production/demand. Moreover, our technology ensures the gas will not be contaminated during the compression process, hence 100% gas purity. This saves additional components in the system as well as resources for equipment maintenance. 

Our compressors will be compact and ready for portable use as they require a low energy input of 1–20 kWe. Not only they operate at a high speed and from low to medium pressure levels, but they are also versatile as they can be mounted on multiple orientations and they can tailored to work with different types of gas, such as CO2 or air, as well as to specific customer needs. 


Oil is used in compressor machines for lubrication and sealing. This causes system contamination, need of separation hardware, and higher overhaul costs as well as limited speed and safety concerns. In addition, it hinders recycling and the implementation of thermochemical cycles for renewable energy applications.
Beyond Scroll oil-free solution for small-scale applications is fully recyclable and enables its use for renewable energy applications and when high gas purity is required.

Most of the oil-free compressors available on the market are capable to work with one particular gas only. Our compressors can be easily tailored to work with different types of gases (hydrogen, CO2, air, propane) and deliver unrivalled performance at low-pressure. 

Our miniaturised scroll compressors are capable to perform with high efficiency and ensure high level of gas tightness. They will also be immensely versatile as they can be mounted on multiple orientations.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of two sciencepreneurs fueled by passion and motivation. 

We believe in a future where energy can be produced smarter with the resources offered by nature.


Dr. Marianna Fighera, MBA – CEO and co-founder

Dr. Luis Mendoza, eMBA – CTIO and co-founder

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